Italian Gospel Choir
Founded in 1991 by the present director. Its repertoire is composed mostly by modern sacred pieces, with a particular focus to Gospel and Jazz music.
The choir, becoming diffuser an important cultural enrichment of sacred music from other nations, has participated to numerous successful concerts and reviews in many Italian regions and abroad, exciting many consents.
Recently it has performed an unforgettable concert with the Filarmonica Luporini and the famous american singer Amii Stewart. It has received the prestigious award “Pergamo d’oro” for its activity in choral circle.
Among other initiatives we remind the organization of seminaries about Gospel music with the American singer Cheryl Porter and the performing of many concerts with her and other artists, like Linda Wesley and Andrea Celeste.
It has recoreded four CD’s: Works’19, Joyful, Moods and Everythings with pieces taken from its new repertory.